I would do many things.

It's about seven thirty.


I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

You should meet Jun.

Sam owes what he is today to his father.

Good luck with your first week and see you again soon!

The boy next door fell head first from a tree.

Many criminals in the United States are addicted to drugs.

Living near the school, I usually walk there.

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I really had to run for it to catch the train.

She looks very happy today.

The House voted thirty-three times.

Wouldn't it be great if Rabin won?

All of you are welcome to bring your spouses to my party.

This is the first time I've ever repaired my computer by myself.

We have no problem as far as the house is concerned.

It's time for us to talk.

Leave Huey to me.

I still have a job to do.

Dan has seldom paid any attention to Linda.


Nora motioned Hal to sit down.

If you want Klaudia's help, you'll have to ask him for it.

You should have seen the program on TV.

Ric thought Anton knew where to buy black pepper.

It is dangerous to walk on a calving glacier.


Farmers today use technology not available to their forebears, to maximise yields from their crops and livestock.

Don't cheat.

We are having a good time.


You couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery!

It is a ragbag of ideas.

I could fall in love with you all over again.

Felix almost always gets home from school before 5:30.

A teacher must be fair with his students.

Should we be concerned?

It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse is out.

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Dorian warned the police about a scheme to assassinate the mayor.

I write daily in my diary.

She is two years younger than I.

He rose to his feet and smiled at her.

She missed the train.

Either you or she has to go there.

It can make some people, especially elderly people and infants, very ill.

I had little to do with it.

Don't worry. I won't tell Raul.

Deirdre said that he hated Mario.

I await your decision.

He lavished her with attention.

I have a fish tank.

We had a blast.

Linley is a foreigner.


Can you believe her?


This vending machine takes only hundred-yen coins.


His personality is marked by forwardness.

I'll never forget them.

I will forever be immortal.

I honestly think it's better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.

Ralf made Alice a new dress.

Nobody will be able to stop Dan from adding sentences.

I am not sure why they asked me that.


I'm a villager.

Dawson has already explained that to us.

Rik couldn't do what he wanted.


Did you have something to say?

I know that would make you happy.

Take care of your nervous system.


Please go to school.

Rayan took the eggs out of the carton one by one.

Sidney stood all by himself.

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Vladimir was wearing moccasins.

Bring me today's paper, please.

I'm probably not what people expect.

He is waiting for you now.

This sentence sounds unnatural to me as an American.

If he could visit any North American city, it'd be San Francisco, California.

Stop gawking.

Bob was looking for someone to talk with.

Sam keeps waiting for his ship to come in.

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Feck off.


The winter sunlight was blinding.

I got my driver's license today.

I approve his suggestion.

I always loved you so much.

This study foreshadows great changes in our system of education.

The trees are barren or bear only small fruit.

It's a nice day for a walk.

Due to the friction generated between a meteor and the atmospheric gases, most meteors burn up before hitting Earth's surface as a meteorite.

The slave carries the water.

I'm sterile.

Tell them I need some money.


Count me in on this.

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I phone her every evening.

I will do it myself.

I want you to tell me about Carol.


Loren has a bald spot.


The broccoli is either costly or of poor quality.

Golf is the sport that I don't like.

How do native English speakers determine whether an English learner is a good non-native English speaker?


The rain damped their spirits.

I have something really special and important.

Being a doctor helped me greatly during the journey.

This car is out of date.

What other option do I have?

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Any of you can do it.

Bucky is agoraphobic.

I think this is a terrible idea.


Dan appears to have had several surgeries in the leg.

Sometimes courage is more valuable than caution.

Moe had a difficult job.


Maybe we should try harder.


Gypsy spoke French and Italian.

Brandon has a good grasp of French.

I don't know what Christie's house looks like.

Is sin the opposite of a good deed?

Hal and Charles are in Juergen's car.

I don't have anything to tell her.

Susan just called to thank us.

I was working sixteen hours a day at that time.

Elsa and Monica talked quietly.

We buy the cattle and slaughter them.

Valerie reluctantly accepted the gift.

They had some.

Lui regrets what he did.

Sharon went over to Brent's with a bottle of wine.

Jim accompanied her on the piano.


Am I correct in assuming that you wish you hadn't done that?


Don't let your muscles atrophy.

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I think Tollefsen should wear a tie to the party.

All of them are successful.

Have you checked our store lately?

You should trim your fingernails.

Do you want cheese in your eggs?

Do you know how to cook fish?

Why do you want to see Spock?

I'll watch TV.

Who does this belong to?

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I can't ask Carsten to quit.

There are two kinds of work in the world--head work and hand work; mental and manual.

I think Vickie is strong.


I think I'm starting to get it.


I came here to see how you're doing.

There was no need for you to do that.

I'm sorry, I don't know what to say.

Kerri took a labouring job, but he just couldn't hack it after a few days.

I want to get better at tennis.


In the name of mercy, stop crying.


Doesn't that sound romantic?

That was the smallest RV that I ever saw.

The cost of building the new hospital was considerably higher than first estimated.

Don't turn it inside out.

It seems I've offended you.


The problem closely relates to our everyday life.

Playing baseball is an outlet for energy.

When did you ask him?

They ignored me.

Gerard is watching 'Touched by an Angel'.


I'm worn-out.

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I've got a friend in the FBI.

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Take care in whatever you do.


I'm just thinking out loud.

The test was very difficult.

The writer is working on his new book.

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Gunnar invited Donna to go to a concert with him.