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Does she know your telephone number?


Presley was surprised by what Saul asked him.


Sabrina brushed her horse.

You betrayed me. Why?

Two tea to 22.

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Saad is the perfect gentleman.

You have a big stain on your sweater.

"I know him well." "Oh, do you?"

No wonder he is so angry.

Ping likes spaghetti.

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Evan has tried to kill himself again.

Don't push me.

A very good thing happened today.


They called the village New Amsterdam.

Hubert was very low key about the whole thing.

He is the boss of our department.


We plan to stay in Paris for two weeks.

Have you been thinking about me?

Quite a few people were killed on the cold wave that hit this area.

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Her knowledge of French is greater than mine.

Mistakes like these are easily overlooked.

Julianto and Elsa sat down together.

Hunter has a girlfriend in Boston.

The cowboys rode into an unknown town.

What do you learn Spanish for?

A point is that which has no parts.


Everyone who uses Esperanto or works for it, is an Esperantist, and every Esperantist has the complete right, in Esperanto, to see only the language as a simple, cold tool for international comprehension.

What an embarrassing situation that was!

What would you do next?

Most constellations don't really resemble the creatures or characters they are named after.

How do you say that in French?

What'll you be doing this summer?

Olivier is crazier than anyone else I know.


Thank you for your kind letter.

Ahmet brews beer as a hobby.

What's that, buddy?

The cold air revived Alain.

The bank loaned her 500 dollars.

The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used. Please quit the game and then restart after removing the save data.

She has already begun.

What adorable puppies!

Cathryn and I can't afford to buy all the things we need.


You've ruined my chances at being popular.

It's dark now.

We can make things happen.

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Coffee keeps me awake.

Butler goes to school five days a week.

This isn't what I was looking for.

Your privacy is important to our company.

Micheal has what he needs.

It actually looks like a lot of fun.

I am thankful for the kindness of strangers.

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Shall we go home?

Once a month, I go to the hairdresser.

I was fascinated by her opera singing.

Svante opposed that idea.

Brad is quite beautiful.

I've already paid back all the money that I owed Ramesh.

I'm supposed to go to Boston next week to attend a wedding.

Let's stay calm and think this through carefully.

The director thought about his answer and spoke again.

Should I call 112?

The loganberry, which is a hybrid of a blackberry and a raspberry, was accidentally created in the late nineteenth century by an American horticulturist.

I have a gift for Sanche.

Where's the washroom?

We're not going to make it, Sergiu.

Can you help us find Pam?

My house is near her house.

I have to write a letter.

None of these books were very interesting.

She advised him to give up smoking.

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Benjamin certainly drives a nice car.

Climate variability and weather extremes make farming a very challenging way to earn a living.

How long's Sundar been there?

Raif is always bananas.

Put your hands down!


I hear some guy, presumably a caretaker, going "Rawr, I'm going to eat you!" from the nursery school across the street.

Like will to like.

I saw her at the train station five days ago, that is, last Friday.

The school is closed because of the snow.

Matters are getting worse and worse.

Nicolas made his way through the crowd.

In tennis, you'd call this an unforced error.

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It smells like something is burning in the kitchen.

Where is Paul?

I've made my decision.

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My son has got into bad company.


I wish he could be here with us today.

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Your name says it all.

We'd better wake her up.

How did you sleep, dear?

This substance will mix with water.

That would be almost perfect.


You still seem to be upset.

Turn the other cheek.

Cristina's apartment is on the third floor.

"Awesome" is an overused word.

Piercarlo said he'd never been in a motorboat.

Are you sure?

She went shopping, leaving her little child all alone.

Who's in charge of the sales section?

It will be dark soon.

Tell your son not to harass my daughter anymore.

We hoped we'd be able to win the game.

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I would like to have a glass of tea.

I'm not defending Murray.

How many guitars does Sanche have?

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You don't really think Krzysztof would hurt himself, do you?

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Do you think I've lost weight?

What passions cannot music raise or quell?

Exactly what does that mean?

The river descends from the mountains to the bay below.

My birthday is in November.


Children used to look up to their parents; now they are inclined to regard them as equals.

Matters are different now.

He might retaliate.


You're very disobedient.

I'm glad to know that.

I don't understand what I should do.

My rich neighbors belong to a private golf club.

We've only got thirty minutes.

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I had to show it to you!

It's a pity that Shatter has no sense of humor.

I want a chair.


Detective Dan Anderson stayed on the trail like a bloodhound.

I still have so many questions to ask you.

People regard him as nothing.

I have many friends in foreign countries.

Have you written in your diary today?

I don't feel so great.

Keep the news to yourself.

I will go when you do.

The shortage of water means that plants cannot thrive.


I liked your idea and adopted it.


We should be there with you.


Jane exposed Carlo as a fraud.

Beckie is a smooth salesman.

I am sickened at the thought of blood.


It hasn't been won yet.


That it's their responsibility, not mine.


How long does it take to get to Boston from here?


Some states select primary candidates by caucus, while others hold an election.

Now, tell me what I want to know.

With a last weak "cri-cri-cri" the poor Cricket fell from the wall, dead!


I've never been good with figures.

Amy loved his job.

This will kill that.

We found the perfect place.

Stephanie sang better than Robbin.

Speaking foreign languages is not easy.

It's on the schedule.

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I've been to the post office.

This park is now closed to the public.

What's up, Mike?

I know he's still in love with you.

Linder ate like a pig.

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than the jungles of Amazon?

Jimmy didn't have to help if he didn't want to.

I don't see the small car.

Can you swim like her?


How I wish I could hug you with my own hands.


You need to sober up.