That class has 15 boys and 28 girls.

Julian thinks he's smarter than anyone else.

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The fire fighters put out the fire.

They became friends in elementary school.

I really like riding my bike to school.

Tendrils from the plant are slowly wrapping themselves around the fence.

I am thankful for my children.

Floria set off at four o'clock in the morning.

We're forever in your debt.

Come in please!

I never used to eat snacks.

Jagath's relatives in Boston have been notified.

Pravin was unsuccessful.

It depends on you.

That surprises me.

I finished one.

The birds twitter cheerfully.

New GATT resolutions could create a real shake-up.

We are flying above the clouds.

The plural of ox is oxen.

Alison hasn't succeeded yet.

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Will you tell me how long you have loved him?

It's my fault that you were fired.

I want neither meat nor fish.

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I know this.

There were fewer children attending school in our village in 1975 than in 1965.

Barry always studies for two hours a day.

I speak French to my father and English to my mother.

Murray has a lot of confidence in himself.


I've always been very proud of that.

Do you want Vistlik to help you?

Gill has big, blue eyes.

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He went into the water before me.


Please wash the dishes.


The girl whose mother is ill is absent today.

I was thinking of him.

My brother speaks very fast.


I'll be right here.

I thought we'd surprise you.

This shouldn't be so hard to do.

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He doesn't know his neighbors.


How can we go to the beach without beach beds?

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He fetched a few cushions to prop up her head.


Would you mind if I helped?

The party flew nonstop from New York to Paris.

When I travel, I prefer to travel by air.

Could you elaborate on that?

A doctor was sent for at once.

The people thought that he was a distinguished scientist.

Taro plays the guitar better than any other boy in his class.


Jianyun shouldn't expect everyone to like the same kind of music that he does.

How much is the kilo of pineapple?

I heard what you said, but it didn't sink in at the time.


How do you want this handled?

I wish I could.

I'm not sure what to believe.


Let's visit Ann.

I'm just telling you what I saw.

Ever since my childhood I have liked to imaginatively experience the situations and histories of other people.

This coat may well fit you.

I used to ride my bike at weekends.


He's unable to do that.

I told them to wait over there.

He will come back in a few days.

On New Year's Eve, Putin thanked the citizens of the Russian Federation for their willingness to stand for the country's interests.

She has been to England once.


Are there to be hidden characters as well? We ask the developers.

Osamu Dazai killed himself at the age of thirty-nine.

May I turn on the TV?


You're pretty good.


The elephant is the largest land animal.

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Don't you want to hear my side of the story?


Such a thing cannot be found everywhere.

I want to make love with you.

I left my address book in my room.


From the look on your face, I can tell that you have good news.


It's hard to persuade Jonathan.

Now that the boy was five, they had to think about which school to send him to.

We've waited too long already.


I think it's them.


If I were you, I wouldn't think two times, but three times!


I am yet older than he is.

Barbara told me to stay.

Every day the boy would come.

Let's keep at it.

Ray will like this game, I think.

The radio didn't inform about the accident.

This is a disgrace.

"Elric, I love you." "I know."

Make sure that they come here late.


I don't know how I know.

This isn't an easy decision.

Randy will probably never recover.


This could change everything.


The grass was soft.

Tommy is too young to take over yet.

He clung to the hope that he could be a lawyer.

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Don't rock the boat.

This isn't Kimberly's first rodeo.

The curry they serve in Japan is milder than real Indian curry. They adapt it to Japanese tastes.

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Don't underestimate him. Believe me, he'll make good on his threat.

Who's buying?

Do you know what the real problem is?


They're not going to make a move without Sharada.

No one would offer him a job.

I know them all.

Why was Petr in prison?

The vase crashed to pieces.

Francisco says he's disappointed.

My father bought me a watch, which I don't like very much.

Randall didn't seem to be particularly interested in what was going on.

There are a lot of vitamins in oranges.

Charlie's acknowledgement that he stole the ring cleared the maid of suspicion.

Let's not spoil it.

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I'm not a whore.

I know what you mean.

He never takes the train.

Why are you so sure?

How long am I supposed to stay here?

He is quite clearly out of danger.

That's serious.

Todd, can you take over?

Would you excuse me for a second?


I can't leave until I find out who Brian is.

It's getting darker and darker.

Everything looks normal.

She is a little shy.

According to some experts the spoken language uses few subordinate clauses.

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You looked amazing.


She's digging her own grave.

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I've been doing a lot of thinking about what you said.


"We're almost out of food..." "She's gone to the store." "Who's she? The cat's mother?"

Why do you need one of those?

Can't we at least try to get along?


Ernst left his keys in the car.

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You're a terrible dancer.


Jef took off his wedding ring.

What time did she check out of the hotel?

I'm trying to remember the name of the book.

Josh doesn't like being asked to give to charity.

Some things are perhaps not worth translating.

I have access to this library.

She is a charming and reliable person.

I'd like to call a meeting.

You've got some nerve.

Lievaart is the smartest man I know.

Have a look at the girls.

Jelske knows the area.

Julian is interested in fossils.

I understand what you say, but I have trouble internalizing the message.

Can I go to my locker?

I discussed it with her.

Hungarian soups are usually light.

At that time, NATO bombed the bases of the Bosnian Serbs.

Let's find out what the schedule is.


I don't really know what happened.

We'll take turns.

A qilin with a king too has no limit on its lifespan, but this illness alone admits of no remedy.