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10 Causes of Excessive Yawning. Might Be Medical Problems!


“I yawn so many times a day, and I’m worried about it.” “I may have some diseases or illness because I yawn so often.” Are these worries bothering you? We yawn for various reasons, but yawning may be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. Yawning is most often done when we are sleepy and it usually stops without doing anything special. But the type of yawning, which may be a sign of disease, might be repeated many times a day and almost every day. Regarding those yawns that you can’t stop, let us divide them into two groups; the one with a sign of disease and the other without […]




Have you ever noticed a hairless spot on your scalp? Have you ever wondered if it’s baldness or just a normal hair whorl? What is a hair whorl anyway and why is it hairless? More importantly, is it a sign of impending hair loss? Hair loss around the whorl area can be stopped before it becomes serious the earlier it is addressed. First of all however, since many people tend to confuse a normal hair whorl with hair loss, let’s take a look at the difference between the two so you can check your scalp and determine what the best way to address the problem is.

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Pull off The Look You Want with These Lip Liner Tips!

リップライナー 使い方

Have you ever wondered if you are using lip liner correctly? Or perhaps you’ve wondered if using lip liner is worth the effort at all? Well, wonder no more! As the name suggests, lip liner emphasizes your lips contours, making them appear more outlined. Today, we’ll take a look at the basics of using lip liner. Master the art of using lip liner today to achieve attractive, more clearly-defined lips!


Measures against Armpit Stains Caused by Sweat

脇汗 対策

Have you ever had any experience when you feel hot but cannot take off your jacket because of your ugly armpit sweat stains? We know it cannot be helped because the armpits are sweaty parts of our body, but it is embarrassing all the same and we would like to prevent it if possible. Let’s find out the causes of underarm excessive sweating and work out countermeasures against sweat stains.



はちみつ 美容

Honey has a good reputation as a beauty product, but you may be wondering how good honey is specifically and how should it be used. Honey, which is called “edible beauty essence” or “natural beauty essence”, is rich in nutrients, so it is expected to be good for your beauty, whether you eat it or apply it on your skin. Here in this article, we will introduce you how honey works for your beauty, the ways of using it, as well as the recommended ways of choosing it.

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These chilblains sure are itchy! What’s the best way to get rid of them? These thoughts have probably crossed your mind if you’ve ever had to suffer through chilblains before. Today, we’ll take a look at some ways to treat chilblain symptoms, as well some methods to help prevent chilblains from occurring in the first place.

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Itchy And Painful? It’s The Metal That Causes The Symptoms!

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Have you ever had any symptom of sudden itchiness when wearing a precious metal accessory, such as a necklace or pierced earrings? Having those sudden symptoms, aren’t you ever worried about a possibility of metal allergy? If you have ever had those symptoms caused by metallic accessories, your skin may have developed an allergic reaction against that particular metal. Sudden onset of metal allergy symptoms can be observed even with those who have never had these symptoms before. Now you are increasingly concerned about the specific symptoms of metal allergies, and the cause of the sudden developments. Here you can find out all the details!

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体 洗い方

How do you usually wash your body? Let’s take a look at a few washing tips that are not only gentle on skin but also guaranteed to help keep your body clean! Today, we’ll go over not only the proper way of washing your body, but also how to choose body soap. We’ll also go over a few recommended body wash items. Without further ado, let’s learn the dos and don’ts of proper washing and keep our bodies squeaky clean!

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風邪予防 食べ物

Feeling that you are prone to catching colds or that you often pick up somebody’s cold? Then, wouldn’t it be great if you can prevent colds by choosing the right foods? Causes for catching and aggravating colds have a lot to do with your body’s internal environment. Therefore, you can prevent colds by choosing the right foods. Today, we would like to introduce some foods effective for cold prevention. If you are susceptible to catching colds, try to eat in a positive way those foods introduced in this article.

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デコルテ ニキビ

Have you ever had to deal with décolleté acne and wondered what the best way to get rid of it is? Well fret not! There is a proper, correct way to rid yourself of décolleté acne without risk of improper care and maintenance. Let’s take a look at the most effective points to take note of in order to treat décolleté acne and prevent it from recurring. 1.What causes décolleté acne? Next to the face and head, the décolleté area (area including the chest and neck) has the densest concentration of sebaceous glands, steeping the area in sebum and making it more prone to pimple growth. The four reasons listed […]

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Food Suggestions to Help Fight Anemia? This Is The answer!


Food and anemia are intricately linked, as you can imagine. Once you have an onset of anemia, your only option is to visit a hospital as it cannot be treated through self-medication. However, in many cases anemia is caused by lifestyle and eating habits that are well within the sufferer’s control. Today, we’ll take a look at things to take note of on a daily basis, such recommended food for anemia sufferers, and eating habits to help prevent the onset of symptoms. Let’s get started!



背中 かゆい

Back itching can get pretty irritating and uncomfortable, can’t it? It can’t hurt to scratch it since it doesn’t really get a lot of exposure in the first place, right? Not so fast. Scratching oftentimes worsens the problem. Today, we’ll take a look at the primary causes of back itching and a few remedies to help deal with the itching. But again, first thing’s first – do NOT scratch it. As with just about everything else, understanding the root cause of the problem is the key to solving it. Let’s go over more appropriate remedies for itching and say goodbye to itching today!

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Height Isn’t Hereditary!? Truth & 4 Tips to Become Taller

身長 遺伝

Are you bothered by thoughts such as height is inherited from your parents, or you will remain short like your parents in your lifetime? Genetic factors have something to do with a person’s height, but they are very slight. Other than genetics, everyday dietary and sleeping habits, as well as exercise are also the factors that determine your height. We will introduce the relationship between genetics and height, as well as the methods on how to increase your height.


Say Goodbye to Clumps! What’s The Best Way to Wear Mascara?

マスカラ 塗り方

“My mascara always ends up clumpy… I can’t wear mascara to save my life… “ Do you ever catch yourself lamenting your experience with mascara? The main purpose of mascara is to make eyelashes appear longer and thicker, providing radial emphasis to the size of your eyes. There are a few points to take note of when wearing mascara, but also remember that effective mascara is the key to make your eyes appear more attractive. That said, let’s go right ahead and get to the good stuff! Let’s start by going through the basics of wearing mascara. 1. When it comes to mascara, preparation is key. The most important secret […]

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You feel gloomy when you think of the number of days you have gone through since your stomach bloated. But, we hope that you would cure constipation in a natural way without relying to medicines as much as possible. There are four different types of constipation. The methods to be taken are suitable with each lifestyle and could be enough for curing the ailment. We will introduce the ways of curing constipation for those who are suffering from it. 1. Type of constipation and causes Constipation is divided into two types according to symptoms and causes: functional constipation and organic constipation. Functional constipation is then further divided into three types: […]


What Causes Anemia? It’s Not Just Iron Deficiency!

貧血 原因

People suffering from anemia, how long have you been experiencing symptoms? Anemia is no cakewalk, for sure. One day your just not feeling up to it, then you’re suddenly feeling the onset of symptoms, then finding yourself not being able to stand…it’s a tough road many anemia sufferers have probably walked in the past. Although anemia is surprisingly not taken as seriously as it should, it’s actually an SOS from the body. Knowledge is power as they say. Knowing the causes and types of anemia is your first step towards winning your battle with it!