Smoking may lead to a slow and pleasant death.

Her fever came down to normal.

I remember that vividly.

Hy didn't want to kiss Franklin.


Seenu owns a small advertising company.

I unconsciously removed my shirt.

He is my junior by three years.

Cary had to climb the pole to fix the telephone wire.

The letter is written by the girl.

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It happened very quickly.

She has gone, I feel like crying.

It won't stop bleeding.

Some of my classmates are pure noobs; they know nothing about computing sciences.

Jane should've said no.

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I think Bucky is unfriendly.

Suddenly Dawn's attitude changed.

You shouldn't be angry.

It won't be so bad.

Whenever we talk, he gets my adrenaline going.

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How's married life?

We elected him chairman.

You haven't changed and you never will.

Here are the findings of our report.

I'm always going to be looking for ways to use technology to automate or improve production, to make projects replicable by others.

The patient is always complaining of a headache.

I know somebody who's perfect for the job.


Hirofumi told Steen he was interested in her.


The news that the school had been burned down soon spread though the town.

The wind abated a little.

Joseph can't play soccer. He trips on the ball and mixes everything up.


The combination leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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You come from Sweden.

This destructive world has already experienced two world wars.

I'm really looking forward to seeing that film.


He searched the room for the lost key.

I want to participate in this conference.

What time will you get to Tokyo?

There is an unbreakable link between language and culture.

We had our vacation at the lake.

Patronise your own.

Corey didn't have to do that today.

I gave him detailed instructions.

Al slept in his office.

She doesn't have money to buy herself a new car.

It's hard teaching people things that they don't want to learn.


Did you want to ask me something?

Concentrate on your mission!

He did it while he was drunk.

They often see us.

David defeats Goliath in court.

I'm afraid I've got bad news.

Which team is likely to win?

I still want to see you tomorrow.

Amir really likes detective novels.

Masanao won't stay.

Her demands are excessive.

I do business on the internet.

Have you ever breathed pure air?

That's why I'm not getting married.

Is your English getting better?

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Buddhism is a religion founded by the Indian Shakyamuni.

Do you have a toothache?

Pradeep never did anything for anybody, except for himself.

Please keep this money for me.

Jill must be very angry with Swamy.

What she bought there was a camera.

They know what "vitamin" means.


She did have fun.


When will Jurevis leave for Boston?


I wish Jesus would learn to speak French.

Thanks to television, we can enjoy watching baseball games in our rooms.

Shirley took a seat next to Judith on the bench.

What were you doing before this?

Kevan handed Danielle the brochures.

Maria doesn't eat food that's sold on the street.

Only a little bit of milk remains in the bottle.


Boyce said he couldn't recall.

Miguel no longer eats with the voracity that he used to.

I was just doing my job.

Sooner or later, we'll have to tackle the problem in earnest.

I'm not sure, but I think I know where to go.

Don't you dare touch that.

The cranes tend to make their nests in the bell towers of churches.


Hopefully, we'll see Dominick today.

Whoever can listen to butterflies laughing can also know how clouds taste.

You're so old.

Jenine went to a boarding school.

Alfred claimed he was the son of a rich man.

To give names to celestial objects, astronomers use Latin.

What was Dan wearing?

Miki is likeable.

Money is the new god.

Neptune and Uranus are very much alike. They are both large gas planets that look like big blue-green balls in the sky.

The majority was for him.

Aaah... Now I understand.

I can read your mind.


We must help Margot.


If feeling sick of the world could by itself grant saintliness, I don't see how I could avoid canonization.

Evan has been bullying other kids at school.

I'm glad we agree on something.

According to informed sources, ____ Ltd. is preparing for the move up to the first section of the Tokyo Stock exchange.

I've been getting to know her.

Nobody got killed.

Nicolas watched intently.

What a terrible experience!

How's your family?


Have a good meal!

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Stop looking for problems, Lindsey.


It doesn't have to be like this.

Some men are very talented.

He used chopsticks in an awkward way.


Nothing is so precious as time.

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I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I don't feel like participating in this discussion.

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Don't look back.


I hope Celeste doesn't lose.

Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.

Robin is extremely fussy.

Not having seen her before, I did not know her.

Write your name on this sheet of paper.

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It's so unfair.

Mickey has a tendency to get a little worked up.

My favorite hero is Hercules.


Do you have a shovel I can borrow?

I admire your determination.

Have some respect for other people's opinions.


They all understood your speech.


Steen's new assistant can type very fast.

Any new jokes?

Ravi is a good sort.

Bring me my cane.

It does kind of make sense.

Who'll believe that?

They're all clamoring to get their money back.

The professor seemed to be lost in thought.

I had to put the trip on hold for the moment.


She betrayed her friends for money.


Daddy's working.

We have information that suggests that Emmett may have known his attacker.

She smoothly and elegantly poured the water into the glass.


Are there any beaches in Germany?

We have to figure out why the machine isn't working properly.

Hein didn't arrive until the concert was over.


It is a dream come true.

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I knew I had to tell him the truth, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I'm not as rich as I was.

Jose is loud, isn't he?

Kris seems reluctant to help me.

Hsi took Kathleen's place.

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I was gonna do a cartwheel, but I didn't want to steal the limelight.

The kids are really scared.

A fly is as likely to land on shit as it will on pie.


"Honey, come to bed." "No, not yet. I still have to translate some sentences on Tatoeba."

This is unbelievable!

The kids were gone when I got home.

She did her homework.

Count me in.

Joon ate the salad.

I wish I knew what to tell him.

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A shave, please.

She is anxious to visit Europe.

I wrote him to ask why.


The life preserver must be made of high quality materials.