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Welcome to the John Abbott College Robotics Club website.
Competing in this year's CRC Robotics competition Vertigoal 2019!



John Abbott College is a public CEGEP situated at the edge of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, deep in the West Island of Montreal. Over 7000 students study there daily in hopes of going to university or to pursue a career path. The college offers a wide array of 33 programs, in which everyone can find what they love. P.S. Rumor has it that a wild Baymax has been spotted there...


Vertigoal 2019

Centennial Regional High School

The Canadian Robotics Competition(CRC) will take place on the other side of the globe for our dear John Abbott students. What India was to Christopher Colombus, Centennial Regional High School (on the south Shore) is to John Abbott. Brave students will go over land and water for their love of Vertigoal 2019 et of robotics from the 21st of February to the 23rd of February. The competition includes several aspects such as the robot, the programming, the website, the kiosk, the video and the tutorial.


The Playing Field

5 floors organized like a staircase

The game Vertigoal 2019 takes place on five different floors, where there are six starting points, so three for each team: one blue and one yellow. Each team is composed of two robots and therefore two different schools. The goal of the game is to bring game pieces, tennis balls, into three types of targets.

Floor Boxes 2x

10 points per ball

Standing Scoring Post 2x

20 points per ball on the bottom
40 points per ball on the top

The first is worth 10 points and is on the ground, the second is worth twenty, and is raised on a tower while the third is at the top of the tower and is worth 40 points. In order to obtain game pieces, the robots must go to two dispensers and activate them, either by a push-button or by pulling a lever.

Ball Dispensers 2x

Each dispenser dispenses 10 balls

There are three colors of balls: blue, yellow and red. However, each team must be careful to throw only the balls whose color corresponds to that of their team, at the risk of giving points to the opposing team. That is, if the yellow team throws a blue ball into a target, the blue team will get the points. Red balls, on the other hand, multiply the points of the balls lying in the same target.


Check out our
informative tutorial

Our tutorial on soldering wires together.

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