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We'll go when the rain stops.

Shut the door behind you.

He survived an accident last year, but still drives recklessly.


They made fun of my clothes.

You're part of me.

It seemed strange that the door was open when I got home.

There's no hurry.

Make yourself comfortable.

Hurry along or you'll be late.

Dad rarely gets back home before midnight.

Rabin wanted to move to Boston.

Tad angrily closed the door.

Chet is wearing a baseball glove.

The matter is coming up before the board of executives tomorrow.

I did everything I could think of.

Mark's foolery is already making Rosa sick.

You seem like a cool guy. Can we be friends?

I wish I could speak English as fluently as you!

You can't watch the game.

It was a fascinating story.

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They know the importance of protecting the earth.

My face twitches.

A teacher should never laugh at a student who makes a mistake.

I'll take that challenge.

Jussi goes to school by bus and train.

Everybody was stunned.

Susumu made me do some things I didn't want to do.


Hey, that's my hobby. Go find your own.

He was elected president.

He doesn't know anything about me.

Johnny was having a bad day.

I don't really like horses.

That's really great.

I didn't know you were hiring.

Bernie didn't drink any beer.

Be tolerant.


We can't stand by and let this happen.

You're not bored, are you?

I think I can't let this opportunity slip by.


I was convinced that he was guilty.

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Kitty was sure you'd like Lea.

I'm shy, but I take care of myself.

Granville wasn't expecting any help.


Herb's doctor told him to quit smoking.


He noticed that this drug seemed to inhibit bacterial growth.

You have to overcome the difficulties.

She is not always late.

Please drop in to see us next time you come to London.

I received a message from the past today.


It says in the program that he's playing Romeo.


The Japanese high tech rice cooker that I bought is really worth every penny.

It's difficult choosing between what's right and what's wrong, but you have to make the choice.

Being a family is much deeper than this.

I can love.

Twenty years is a long time.

The dead are always wrong.

There's nothing left to be said.

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What would cause something like that?


You'll be all right. I'm sure of it.


A technician will come to your house the day after tomorrow.

I should have introduced myself.

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

Derek is moving back home.

Skeeter is sitting in the car.

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Dr. Patterson: Oh, no! She was very gentle with him.

Don't just read books. Go outside once in a while and get some exercise.

Even though we know smoking is unhealthy, people still smoke.

I'm in the house.

I want to speak to her in the matter of my salary.

Stanly looks winded.

In my opinion, Chris is innocent.

It was very awkward.

This law will deprive us of our basic rights.

Swedish nouns are generally divided into five declinations.

He engaged to pay the bill as soon as possible.

That job gave him little gratification.

Who do you blame?


Will you help me prepare for the party?

I am taking pictures of the bridge.

I was waiting for the bus.

I enjoyed talking to him.

Manholes are round because that way they won't accidentally fall through the hole.

Jacob waited a moment.

I have to talk to her.

She ignored him almost all day.

He's about to go.

I gave one to Leads, too.

For how long?

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I don't know why Sofia didn't just tell us.

Why did Dean say that?

Your fingerprints were found on the knife.


George, if you are not listening to the radio, turn it off.

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I didn't think you had it in you.

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Can you tell us what inspired you most?

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I don't understand why people like salmon roe.

I designed it.

I would've sent you money.

I had a really lovely time in Boston.

We have some unfinished business.


Jock will wait for it.

Never forget it.

He once belonged to the Fukuda faction.

If it would help, I can show you how to do that.

Please don't misunderstand me.

I've never been so humiliated in my entire life.

Eventually, Rafik's curiosity overcame his fear.

It doesn't matter to me whether or not I make money doing this.

You sound very young.

I called and pretended I was Ima.

Your coat is very beautiful.

My French is actually not so good.

He fell down on the ice and broke his arm.

This morning he said that he is leaving for Nara tomorrow.

It's much too dangerous here.

The Royal Canadian Mint will no longer distribute the coin to financial institutions around the country, but it will remain legal tender.

There's always a choice.


Would you put out the candles?


It is a miracle that Earl is still alive.


In the wake of the heavy rain, there was a major flood.


The princess removed her gloves.

Do you drink tea?

Do you want to grab dinner?

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A major is above a captain.

What're you doing now?

Try it out.


I can't catch my breath.


The statements provided in this article are for informational purposes only.

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What do you have to complain about?

How crazy is Kathy?

He made as if to speak to me but said nothing.


The data hasn't been compiled yet.

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Was it true?

The tsunami alert was cancelled.

Wish me luck, I will need it.

at least, can i hug you?

The stream is not very swift.


I'm not suicidal.

The boys were quiet.

The plane takes off in ten minutes.

Do you know anybody who lives in Boston?

Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Clarissa will forgive us.

This happened often in the spring.

They have no more wine.

I thought it was a good movie.

It would be better if you didn't eat before going to bed.

Say please.

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I need to help a friend in trouble.

The police rarely intervene.

You've come just in time.

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This is not my first time adding a sentence.

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They drank a bottle of red wine at dinner.

I'd hate to disappoint Sri.

Is it just eight-thirty?


Karen seems like a happy child.


We wish we could do more to help.

Tell me why you are upset.

I know I've been a little tough on him.

Another ten minutes' walk brought us to the shore.

He looked like he was going to start crying again.


Vick won't do that.