There are three trees in the yard.

Isabelle is going to be exhausted.


She made him a simple dinner.

She's the most popular girl in the class.

I got a motorbike cheap.

Miles Davis was an American jazz musician.

You'd better hand that over.

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I told Marion that getting a tattoo would be a stupid thing to do.


Some people aren't practical at all.

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Her skill as a teacher is based on her understanding of young people.

He is stronger than I am.

Woe to the vanquished!


Angela is the perfect son.

I shop here all the time.

It's really early.

The population of New York is smaller than that of Tokyo.

Trying found Ragnar's door partly open.

My sister's getting married to one of her old classmates.

Would three o'clock be all right?


The children were asleep upstairs.

As he often tells lies, he is not to be relied on.

Mom is at work.

Martin Scorsese is my favorite film director.

Kevyn bought a small house on a quiet street.

We were excited.

Nathan has a violent temper.


It looks like rain.

You can't learn a language without making mistakes.

Martyn has a hot tub.

Different experiences lead to different choices.

Renu hung the picture on the wall.

Devon is still looking for Shatter.

We're never going to find him.

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That poor family lives from hand to mouth every month.

You two are my best friends.

Helen stayed overnight in Boston.

I'll heat up the soup for you.

You could talk to her.


Perhaps you want fifteen cheeses.

I hope Angela isn't sick.

I don't want you to harass her.

How long were they there?

She used to live in Tel Aviv.

I don't think you should say any more.

My daughter held on to my coat sleeve and would not let me go.

I'm still getting used to it.

From space, the earth looks quite small.

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The future was better before.


He really loves beer and gets drunk every day.

Knute will probably be here all afternoon.

Why didn't she tell me?


Is it time to go?

Arne wanted Jerald to be his dance partner.

Fill the bottle with water.

I must stop eating peppers before going to bed!

Sean has been talking about you all day.

Does the room feel cold to you?

Ron was correct all along.


I kept expecting her to call, but she didn't.

Father advanced me a week's allowance.

Besides, I didn't want to get you involved.


All day she thought of nothing but how she should get rid of the twins; and at last an evil idea came into her head, and she determined to send them out into the great gloomy wood where a wicked witch lived.

Let me deal with her.

We Japanese come of age at twenty.

Why I am not living with you?

Nici fell off the ladder when he was cleaning out his gutters.

You keep records, don't you?

He lent me two books.

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I was hoping for more than this.

Maria acts as if she were a fool.

You're smiling.

She didn't intend to let him kiss her.

Indra's blood type is O positive.

Morris is supposed to be here.

It warms your heart to, when listening to a song in a (seemingly!) foreign language like Slovak, Macedonian, Slovenian, hear words you have known since your childhood and even understand whole phrases.

That sounds pretty stupid.

They have made a little paper plane.

Pinochet remains in hospital due to heart problems.

That is the place for me!


Sitting over my book, I fell asleep.

Carole isn't very good at swimming.

We'll be right down this hall.

I think it's time for me to leave.

My teacher encouraged me in my studies.

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I'm going to kill him.

She started writing novels.

Damon is an hedonist.

Julie tried to impress Mechael by driving very fast on the Autobahn, but it didn't work.

I told him, but he didn't pay attention.

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Not a few students made the same mistake.

Don't worry about what he said.

He is aggressive.

I disagree completely.

In that time, everything was easier.


In Japan it is not customary to tip for good service.


I am not a prophet.

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Mann and I have an arrangement.

We had lunch.

In West Virginia, over 90% of the electricity is generated from coal. But in California, only 1% of electricity is generated from this fossil fuel.


It's hard to figure out what's going on.

You must be mindful of your family responsibilities.

I think I know someone who can help.


He has been to Hokkaido.

Why didn't you believe me?

Get ready to leave.

He's a bit shorter than me.

Before you can love others, you need to be able to love yourself.


Chip and Laurie will agree on that.

All the money spent, we started looking for work.

When we arrived at the house, Chin and Chilla were sitting at the top of a broad flight of stairs.


I only need half.

It's done all the time.

Am I going too fast?

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Felix can speak French as well as you can.

Judge, I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with you.

He returns from Beijing tomorrow.

They were all surprised to see me there.

Don't wait up.


We went to the same church.

They can't stop me.

I have to do that sometimes, too.

Del is studying in her room.

The police planted evidence at the crime scene.

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It's unbecoming to speak of money.


You're one stubbornly indecisive guy, you know that? If you have something to say to me, say it now, and clearly.

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I'm going to the restaurant.

You clearly are interested in buying that dress.

The rooms are deserted.


The first month of the year is January.

Antony ran away.

He teaches English to his friend.


They were caught on camera kissing.

I am very interested in those stories.

He was sitting and reading a book.

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I don't believe a word Sridhar said.

Please add a full stop at the end of your sentence.

I'm afraid you've run out of options.

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I sometimes talk to my neighbor across the fence.

I am peeking someone

I saw them yesterday morning.

My computer is hung up.

Do we know you?

Go and get me some milk.

He is not wearing a hat.

As a public official you have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constitution.

The official could not deal with the complaint himself.

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There are over 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. If you tried to count them one by one, it would take you over 3000 years!

Marvin is dating Nelken.

There are a number of nice restaurants near here.

He is so honest that I can count on him.

I've been exiled.

I don't want to know about it.

Leif is in a coma.

These figures are beyond human understanding.

The chances of being attacked by a shark are very low, especially in a pool.

When I am queen, you will be king.

No one translates my phrases.

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He is a hard man to deal with.

I want you to stay away from Mitchell.

We're lucky Honzo is here to help us do this.

He killed him to avenge his dead father.

You have to beware of strangers.

She is apprehensive of failure in the finals.

You're too good for me.