Who really cares?

I have no idea what's going on here.

Better a small gain than a great loss.

Lisa is powerless.

We must keep a diary every day.


Coleen has already gotten three threatening phone messages.


My grandfather on my mother's side is celebrating his 60th birthday tomorrow.

She wanted to lose weight and she thought smoking would help her.

Kriton was very funny.

Handsome is as handsome done.

Heather was covered in bruises.

Can you remember that last time you ate ravioli?

I feel at ease about it.


Rudolph sorted the mail.

Australia is a very lucky country.

Is he coming home at six o'clock?

She kindly showed me the way.

Nothing was said concerning the matter.

You're safe as long as you stay here.

I make it a rule to do some exercise before breakfast.


Why didn't you tell me that?

Unless you can speak French, they won't understand you.

I don't like the way Eileen does business.

He did not want her to leave.

My dad bought me books.

I suppose he will be back soon.

Eddy found Pratt's secret diary.

Kayvan and Nigel are both very happy.

We won't be able to evade punishment this time.

"In my opinion," said the younger brother, "you are wrong."

Francis was the one who told me how to say "thank you" in French.


Get your hands off of me.

Randall often quarrels with his wife.

We will be landing at Tokyo International Airport momentarily.

Something is wrong with our electric heater.

Since I speak the truth, I live soundly at home.

Did Hughes really say such nasty things about me?

Panzer put the children to bed.

Guillermo is either in Boston or in Chicago.

Are you watching your weight?

I think Allen is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met.

Mitch told me he was going to try to find another job.

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I would like to express my gratitude to her.

I really like helping people.

Kanthan left me the keys.


I don't want anybody writing about me.

Is anyone out there with you?

The house stood out because of its unusual shape.

I considered leaving school, but thought better of it.

We look forward to seeing you again.

The pot was mine.

Lila helped me find my way here.

Van is a lousy kisser.

Kayvan is the one who said he was too busy to help, not me.

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Give it to him.


I hate this teacher.


Seeing my collection of frogs would make your hair stand on end.

No rush, but let's take the next bus.

Why are you embarrassed?

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The words are on the tip of my tongue, but I don't quite know how to put what I want to say.

Carl and Nhan aren't going to be happy about it.


I'm only here to help her.

Do you remember what we used to say about Vijay?

I bought a new ball point pen with an electronic watch especially for this test.

Can I get a copy of that?

It takes a lot of money to start a business.

Jamie was shouting.

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He regrets having neglected his studies in his school days.

All you need is a little sleight of hand in your accounting to make people think your company is profitable.

We need to find them.

His pneumonia was cured through a divine miracle.

I've decided not to sue you.

Don't make fun of Hienz.

May I speak to Barton Jackson, please?

Yesterday I bought a book.

I'm not covering their pool.

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I couldn't think of anything worse.

Listen to what the teacher says.

I didn't think of that.

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Why are you in my room?

He raised the glass to his lips and drained it at one gulp.

It looks like you want to say something.

I'd like to put some things in the hotel safe.

I've never seen your house.

Why are you always so angry?

Any flower will do as long as it's red.


I hung up and called her again.


You'd be better off without me.

I ask you to please trust me.

Do you study at a private school?

The duckling would be very happy by now, if only the goose would put up with him.

He used a lot of honey.


He divided the apples among the five of us.

I am always tense before I get on an airplane.

Liber is doing his best to comfort Isabelle.

We never know the destination.

I tilt my head. Not the pawn, but the knight?


Kate has something we want, so we need to find something he wants that we can trade with him.

Did you slash Norman's tires?

When is this crisis going to be over?

It'll take me a long time to finish reading that book.

I stepped aside so that he could pass.

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Throw him in the water!


Hold Lucius down.

We all missed you.

How long does the airport bus take to get to the airport?


I need to know who helped him.

Sal sure screams a lot.

It's time.

I liked the present a lot!

We talked in low voices so we wouldn't wake the baby.

I thought Curtis would be at the bar.

It's just so frustrating.

There's something we have to talk about.

Clarence couldn't find the kind of job he wanted.


I'll blame it all on them.

He gave me precise instructions to do the job.

I will pay 7 dollars in addition.

I saw a young couple cuddling on a park bench.

I didn't have time to recover before I came down with another horrible cold.

Into the fog!

Morgan doesn't like girls who wear high heels.

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I don't think Antonio understood me.

I don't feel like going out right now.

Leads is eating a cake.

You learn more from trying to repair a TV than from watching one.

Alain, I'm happy for you.

It's a Cuban cigar.

I gave my cold to Shel.

The pen is white.

Scarce are the people learning Interlingua.

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A 10% tax will be withheld from the payment to you.

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You abandoned me!

Elephants are in danger of dying out.

Terrance tried to tell Jef that he loved her.


So, what happened this time?


Thank you for listening.

I like to listen to podcasts.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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It's rare to meet nice people like you.

In what kind of situations would you do that?

The statue of Hachiko, the faithful dog, stands in front of Shibuya Station.

Frank was always a dreamer.

I had forgotten these photos.

Curt doesn't have enough money to buy a new car.

Put these pictures up us for wall, please.

This is not my cup of tea. It's Gigi's cup.

Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of the blood.

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Columbus didn't know where he went or where he was, and he did it using money lent by a woman.

What do you think I was doing?

Are you writing a letter now?

You'll be happy again.

My house is more comfortable than yours.

Thank you for your opinion.

It's easier for me to wear this dress now that I'm thin.

He makes everything worth it!

I can't believe he did that!

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My brothers left and we stayed here.


She got him drunk.

They're all talking about his death.

I am sixteen years old.


I'd like to learn the Latvian language.

We take it for granted that he will succeed in his business.

Charles should be proud.

Having lost the game over and over again, he finally gave in.

Is that what you really intended to do?