Interact with your newborn at any time

In a secure environment

Direct Audio Available

Comfort the baby with the parents own voice, with AngelEye's Induction Speaker System


Communicate with NICU Staff and Family in real-time while viewing the baby.

Family First

Allow family to create & manage their accounts

High Resolution Camera

Highest quality camera in the industry

Cross Browser Compatible

Available via any browser! Native mobile apps available soon

Language Translator

Powered by Google Translate

Clinically Developed at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

AngelEye’s NICU Camera System represents not only the latest technology, but a total rethinking of how to provide experience for parents who are away from their babies in the NICU. Complete with audio and chat messages, parents can access their baby anytime, day or night.

Groundbreaking technology

The first-generation AngelEye camera, introduced in 2006, was an exciting breakthrough for parents who were unable to stay at the hospital due to work and other obligations. The program was the first in the United States to deliver real-time video of hospitalized infants directly to their remote families.

"Being able to see my baby at any time, day or night, and see him breathing, sleeping- I'm just so glad this exists."

"When my baby was born and in the NICU, I still had to go to work, but thanks to AngelEye, I could keep watching over him, and he could hear my voice."

"Thank you AngelEye. The comfort you gave us, as first time parents, with our newborn in the NICU, is truly priceless."

"This was a lifesaver for me. I never got the chance to bond with my baby, but the cam helped me. I wasn't living with constant anxiety knowing that I could check in on him at all times."

"Thank you for providing this resource. It most definitely did ease our anxiety and make us feel more comfortable at the end of the day when we could not necessarily say good night to our son in person."

"We thought this was a wonderful idea. We had it on every second we were not in the NICU. The nurses would even leave little notes for us to wake up and see."

"Thank you for this great service during such difficult times. It truly helped."

"Loved the babycam and I think every bedside should definitely have one. It's always better to see your baby then to just hear about how they are doing when you cannot be present at all times."

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