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All children play some role in childhood/school bullying incidents, whether they are: the bully, the victim or simply a bystander/witness. No child comes away unaffected from bullying: everybody's social development is colored and molded by the aggressive and violent actions that they see and experience.

Children who are bullied lead unhappy and often desperate lives (coming to believe the things that other children say about them and ending up hating themselves). Many times they don’t even want parents or other family members to know that they are being bullied as they think that these people whom they love will start to see something “wrong with them” too. There is also the fear that their intervention might make things worse.

The effects of being bullied will alter a child’s view of the world and develop in them a sense that the “good things” in life are not meant for them: a view that is carried with them through later life, meaning they fail to realize their true and very real potential.

Even for those children who are not bullied but witness bullying may develop unhealthy social habits and coping mechanisms. Many children admit to siding with bullies and becoming their”friends” so as to avoid becoming a victim of bullying themselves. By doing so they are also coerced into becoming bullies themselves, sometimes turning on the children who were once their close friends. Other will admit to going through their childhood with feelings of guilt because they did nothing (because they didn’t know how to) to stop a victim being bullied or will mention the profound fear they felt whenever a bully was near because they felt they could be the next victim.

Nobody, comes away unaffected by Bullying

At Anti Bullying Boston we run short courses and seminars to help both: teachers, parents and children understand the causes of bullying, the reasons that children bully and how to develop strategies and methods for: predicting, avoiding and dealing with incidents of bullying. We even have courses for bully’s themselves (these children are also affected by their bullying and often develop into adults who are unable to manage or create successful relationships in family and work settings).

For details about our 3217477738, please 727-307-5076.

Alternatively, you can email us using our 7874873956, which can be accessed by clicking here or call us on (339) 224-8005.

If you feel you need more details or a face-to-face meeting, please use the above methods to make an appointment with us and we woulkd be happy talk with you about our programs. We are located at:

Krav Maga Yashir
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We believe there are solutions to bullying and that we can make a real difference in a child or teenagers life, so if you are worried that you yourself might become a victim of bullying, or you know someone else who may be, or if indeed you're being bullied yourself (or again know someone who is), please contact us

Bullying Survey

In 2008 SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) is running ran a web survey for asking, parents children and teenagers about their experiences of aggression, violence and bullying within schools (you don't have to be or have been bullied to take part).

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